European Union (EU) roaming rates 

Terms and conditions

European Union (EU) roaming rates changed From 15 June 2017. You will pay the same rates when roaming within the EU as you do at home (Belgium).

Prepaid customer

L-mobi mobile Pay As You Go customers roaming within the EU will be charged standard L-mobi mobile rates for calls, texts and data. Please find our rates below.

L-mobi mobile EU roaming rates

Landline     12cts
Mobile   12cts
SMS   12cts
Data   12cts
Connecting fee 12cts
       Our roaming services are intended for customers who visit EU countries for periodic travel, like a holiday or a short trip.To use our EU roaming services you must first activate your SIM at home and top up with PAYG credit before you travel.
      If, over a 2 months of period per year, your use of EU roaming services is greater than your domestic usage we will notify you of this and then charge you at national PAYG rates.If we identify other activities which we reasonably believe to be abusive or anomalous usage of our EU roaming services we will notify you and you may be subject to restrictions under this Fair Usage Policy which may include suspension of service.

Prepaid bundles

Please note that you will no longer be able to use bundle allowances while roaming